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Microsoft Introducing Sharepoint 2010

Microsoft® Introducing Sharepoint® 2010
Sharepoint 2010 is the business collaboration platform for the Enterprise & the Web that enables you to connect & empower people through an integrated set of rich features. Sharepoint 2010 enables to cut cost with a unified infrastructure whether it is deployed on-premises or as hosted services.
Sharepoint 2010 coming with lots of great features…. Some are listed below
  1. New User Interface – The new user interface with Ribbon gives an intuitive and contextual web user interface which makes users more effective, and provides better performance.
  2. Web Edit – The page also allows uses to edit and customize a site easily, which makes it possible to complete the task more quickly.
  3. Silverlight Web Part – The end user can experience with a rich media into the site using Silverlight Web Part. This also helps the developer to quickly develop and securely integrate Silverlight application.
  4. Rich Theming – Combined with Web Edit, rich theming allows skinning the site with favorite office client themes. It allows to customize the site by changing the colors and fonts to organization standards.
  5. Multiple Browser Support – Sharepoint 2010 allows you to experience the site in multiple browsers like IE, Firefox and Safari.
  6. SharePoint Designer – SharePoint Designer comes up with new UI, enhanced modeling capabilities and improved workflow capabilities which makes collaboration between designer and developer teams to work more creative and productivity.
  7. SharePoint Workspace – It was named as Groove – now comes as SharePoint Workspace, which takes the SharePoint list and libraries in to offline including with the ability to update content and sync it back in which the site gets re-connected.
  8. Business Connectivity Services – It is the evolution of the Business Data Catalog, which allows to connect to Line-of-Business applications, Web services and databases and surface the data in a user friendly way. It enabling the users to interact and update it easily in the web and in the office client.
  9. Visio Services – Visio Services allows to chare data linked diagrams in real time with a high-fidelity and interactive experience. So everyone can access consistent and up-to-date information, even those who don’t have Visio.
  10. Rich Media Support – The information and presentations comes to end user in a new and dynamic empowering and enriching the media support ways by Silverlight support or PowerPoint’s inline video editing capability etc.,
For more information please visit the SharePoint Site